The band was formed in 2002 under the name "ZERSTORWUT" as a solo project of DV/h alias George.h, who was a resident DJ and promoter in Athens, Greece at the time. DV/h is responsible for the emergence of the dark alternative scene in Athens, having organized events and festivals since 1996!

After 5 years, DV/h decided to make fewer appearances in the club scene and focus on creating and producing music for ZERSTORWUT.

In 2008, the project changed its name to INLINE SEX TERROR, and the debut album was ready for release! IST signed a contract with German label Danse Macabre Records and made their first live gig in Letonia & Lithuania and as support act for HOCICO in Athens.

In August of the same year, the debut album 11:11 was released and received positive feedback from magazines (Orkus,Zillo,Negatief, Sonic Seducer) of the dark alternative scene. The album entered the DAC (German Alternative Charts) and stayed there for 7 weeks, peaking at fourth place among serious competition from Peter Hepner, Felix Marc, ASP, Oompth!, and Chemical Brothers!

The 11:11 album achieved number 38 on the top 50 albums in the DAC rankings for 2008! - in October, IST began their first European tour in promotion of the 11:11 album, opening for the iconic band DAS ICH - In the end of the year, IST had the honour to remix the DAS ICH song Kannibale for the Kannibale EP (2008).

After two years (2010), IST returns with the "Distorted Life" EP, which comprises three new tracks and ten remixes from bands such as Leather Strip, FsbrtikC, Supreme Court, Beati Mortui, Implant, C-Lekktor, Kadaver Acht, V2A, Without Recognition, and Concrete Rage.

The Distorted Life EP received positive reviews, and tracks like Distorted Life and Hellectro Girl were dance floor successes.
Shortly after releasing the EP, DV/h returned to his own studio (FOCUS TERROR STUDIO) to begin working on the next album!

In 2011, IST released the album "The Architecture of Madness" under a new label (DSBP/MINUSBEAT). The album received excellent reviews from magazines and quickly became the best-selling album for IST.

Over the following years, IST became very quiet due to personal problems of DV/h. Only two new songs were created and released in compilations, and in 2017, DV/h declared IST as inactive.

Fast forward to 2024, DV/h has brought IST out of a coma and is working on a new album (re:boot). After the album is released, a European tour will follow, marking IST's return to the stage after 15 years!

11:11 (2008) @ Danse Macabre

2.Razor Blade Revenge
3.Fear No Evil
4.My Legacy / My Curse
5.Keine Furcht
8.Dying For Her
10.33 Victim
11.Discipline-Nosedives (Nortron X Remix)

Distorted Life (2010) @ Danse Macabre

1.Distorted Life
2.Hellektro Girl
3.Fetisch Nacht
4.Distorted Life (Leather Strip RMX)
5.Distorted Life (German Distortion By FabrikC)
6.Distorted Life (Supreme Court RMX)
7.Distorted Life (Beati Mortui RMX)
8.Distorted Life (Implant RMX)
9.Distorted Life (C-Lekktor RMX)
10.Distorted Life (Kadaver Acht RMX)
11.Distorted Life (V2A RMX)
12.Hellektro Girl (WRedit By Without Recognition)
13.Fetisch Nacht (Mono Erotic By Concrete Rage)

The Architecture of Madness (2011) @ DSBP/MinusBeat

2.Distorted Life
3.Das Ist Alles
4.Prostituiertees Des Teufels
5.Closed Minds
6.The Signal
7.Hellektro Girl
8.Nothing Last Forever
9.Brain Tumor
10.Ghost On Earth
11.Das Ist Alles (AdoptedCHILD Rmx)

re:boot (2024) @ MinusBeat

02.No Regrets (No rewind)
03.Pulse of the Machine
04.Another World
05.Lost in the Rain
07.Electronic Warfare
08.Grime and Gears
09.Control (is the drug that makes me god)
10.Incept Date
11.No Regrets (Remix)


16 Feb.2008 Latvia (LV)
11.Mar.2008 Lithuania (LT)
28.Mar.2008 Gagarin, Athens (GR) *
14.Sep.2008 Fans Club, Sofia (BG)
19.Sep.2008 Storm Festival, Barcelona (ES)
21.Sep.2008 Sala Wind (666), Madrid (ES)
25.Sep.2008 Engine Room, Brighton (UK)
26.Sep.2008 London (UK)
28.Sep.2008 Burton (UK)
01.Oct.2008 The Cult, Nuremberg (D)
04.Oct.2008 X, Herford) (D) **
06.Oct.2008 Pvillion, Wuppertal (D) **
07.Oct.2008 Nachtleben, Frankfurt (D) **
09.Oct.2008 Autograph Session @ NEXUS GOTHIC STORE, Wien (A)
09.Oct.2008 Viper Room, Wien (A)

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** Support DAS ICH